Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cultural Holiness

"This call to a holy life is based on the fact that God Himself is holy. Because God is holy, He requires that we be holy. Many Christians have what we might call a "cultural holiness." They adapt to the character and behavior pattern of Christians around them. As the Christian culture is more or less holy, so these Christians are more or less holy. But God has not called us to be like those around us. He has called us to be like Himself. Holiness is nothing less than conformity to the character of God."

--Jerry Bridges, The Pursuit of Holiness

Why do we have the convictions that we have? Why do we hold to certain beliefs? Why do we consider them foundational? Is it a result of cultural Holiness or our pursuit to be like the Lord--to conform to His character?


Jason Stansel said...

hey that's actually one of my favorite parts of that book! it's a great definition of Holiness...conformity to the character of God.

sounds like you're doing well too. did you still need a band for worship anytime?

Jason Stansel said...

hey that's amazing. btw...that video was rediculous.thanks for explaining to us all what a light does...