Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Power of the Gospel: “... it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes…” –ROMANS 1:16

Have you ever desired the boldness that the early followers of Christ possessed, the boldness they had to proclaim the Gospel in the face of hardship and persecution? As Christians, we have good news to share, the greatest message available which is the message of the Gospel—the message of the reconciliation of mankind. Yet many of us lack the boldness to proclaim this good news.

However, in order for us to obtain boldness like the early followers of Christ, you must first understand where their boldness stemmed from. The Apostle Paul writes that the reason he was not ashamed of the Gospel was because it was the power of God for the salvation of all who believe (ROMANS 1:16). Many of us lack the boldness to proclaim the Gospel because we have forgotten the power of the Gospel.

Let us take time to reflect on the Gospel. What does it entail? (ROMANS 3:22-26)

What came as a result of sin? (ROMANS 5:12-14). Sin entered the world through Adam and death came through sin. Sin caused the souls of mankind to die and to be separated from God.

The penalty of Adam’s sin in the Garden was death (ROMANS 5:12-14 and ROMANS 6:23). Even if someone wanted to pay the price of their sin, they could not because dead men cannot pay the price of sin (death) for they are already dead. Since the price to be offered is death, then the price has to be paid by Someone who is alive.

That is why He is called Savior. Jesus was the only one who could possibly die because He was the only one to ever be born alive for He was without sin (HEBREWS 2:17-18; 4:15).
“In Him was life, and that life was the light of men.” –JOHN 1:4

Just as Adam’s one act of sin brought death and condemnation, Christ’s one act of righteousness brought life and reconciliation to mankind. (ROMANS 5:10-11,15, 18)
“Consequently, just as the result of one trespass was condemnation for all men, so also the result of one act of righteousness was justification that brings LIFE for all men.” –ROMANS 5:18

The power of the Gospel redeemed us by setting us free from the dominion of sin.
(ROMANS 6:22-23)
“But now that you have been set free from sin….” –ROMANS 6:22a

The power of the Gospel redeemed us by conquering death and the grave.
(ROMANS 6:13-14)

“…offer yourselves to God, as those who have been brought from death to life…” –ROMANS 6:13b

And the power of the Gospel gave us LIFE through Christ Jesus our Lord.
(ROMANS 8:1-4; 10-17)
“…justification that brings LIFE for all men.” –ROMANS 5:18b

Let us remind ourselves of the power of the Gospel for he died that we might have LIFE.
“…I have come that they may have LIFE, and have it to the full.” –JOHN 10:10b

Check out Colossians 1:1-13.

*The verses in orange are links so that you may read the passages online.*


Anonymous said...

awesome presentation of the Gospel, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

my day has been wonderful, and as you could probably tell, those billboards made me a little angry.

Anna said...

thank you for your comment on my blog - have you been reading it for a while??
God Bless You !!!