Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oh Sleeper!

Humans have so eloquently disregarded morals in reckless pursuit of our own happiness. We have forgotten our purpose and have blindly engaged the enemy. He has blinded our eyes, dulled our senses, and lured us into a spiritual slumber. He has led us to believe that our temporary desires are more vital than our eternal purpose.

It is in this dark and numb slumber that the Holy Spirit ignites a small flame of light. If we pursue this flame and leave behind the fallacy of what our enemy has called life, then this flame will blaze consuming the darkness, burning back the callouses that cover our senses, and awakening us to the truth. This fire that ignites now reveals our purpose and gives us back true Life.

Silent Sadness
Millions of souls walk by each day.
Many more souls scream out in pain.
I sit here and watch in silent restraint,
While the souls of the world continue to faint.
My silence a sin of great degree;
It’s a rebellion against my Savior’s decree.
My purpose on earth I do not fulfill;
Instead I pursue my own worldly will.
His message swells up within my soul.
The silence already is taking its toll.
My soul screams out, I must not fail.
His grace to all I must go tell.
The message of how He bled and died,
For you and I He was crucified.
So that all who repent can attain true life,
A fortress of peace amongst all the strife.
This is my work and this I must do;
To my Master’s calling I must stay true.
I run to the crowds and scream out Your Name.
While many just laugh and many cause pain.
Few choose to listen, and fewer believe.
For the rest my soul can’t help but to grieve.
Being silent again would cause my own soul to die.
The silence of Christians causes the Lord to cry.

...Christopher Hardin, College Student


Anonymous said...

who's voice was that in the video?

SHAINA said...

Ian Paisley...

To watch the full video you can check out www.revivalhymn.com