Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Movie Corner: "The Book of Eli" and New-Atheism

The Book of Eli is probably the most recent movie I have been excited to watch. PluggedinOnline noted, "The Book of Eli is, perhaps, the most explicitly Christian film I've seen come out of the secular film industry since The Passion of the Christ." In short, the movie's message appears to be a response to New-Atheism. The general consensus among New-Atheists is that religion is at the root of all of mankind's greatest "sins" or atrocities.

The Book of Eli
is set thirty years after a catastrophe that left the entire globe in disarray. Those who survived blamed Religion, more specifically Christianity and thus, Bibles were burned by the thousands. Denzel Washington plays Eli (our hero) who is on a quest to find the last Bible and take it to a secure location. There are others seeking to use "the Book" (as the last Bible is referred to in the movie) for evil or to gain control of the masses. This is what appears to be a response to New-Atheists. The movie proposes that it is not Religion that is evil, but the people who use Religion for their own gain (to gain power or wealth) that are evil.

Although there is a positive theme and message, Hollywood adds its famous pluralistic "touch" within the film (making it seem that all religions are equally true).

Overall, bravo to the theme. However, the violence and extensive profanity was not necessary.

The Book of Eli is rated R for violence and profanity.

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Elizabeth J. said...

I too check out Plugged In Online reviews of movies but somehow I must have over-looked this one.