Wednesday, April 16, 2008

something new

so this blog is something new i have decided to try. just an avenue in which to organize thoughts.

"Yes, LORD, walking in the way of your laws, we wait for you; your name and renown are the desire of our hearts." --Isaiah 26:8

where to begin...

hmmm...i guess i should share some about myself...

i'm a college student (major: BABS History). this is my first year at my new college. i love it although i miss playing basketball for my old school. i played basketball for about thirteen years. this is the first year i haven't played and i miss it, but it is interesting to see how your priorities shift over time. i love to laugh and to make other people laugh. i enjoy meeting and getting to know new people. hahaha...hmmm i like to quote movie lines with my friends...why? i really don't know, but just so you are aware i definately laughed out loud when i thought about all of the hours we spend doing it. i like to climb trees...random, i know. but it is real fun. i'm goofy and like to have fun...i really don't care about what people think. by that i mean i'm not out to impress people. i'm just me.

i enjoy reading...some fiction, but mostly theological works. some of my favorite authors include john macarthur, john piper, a.w. tozer, josh mcdowell, ken ham, jerry bridges...just to name a few. my favorite book of all time is the bible. that probably sounds like a cliche...i guess it does, but it is true. it is a volume of sixty-six books written by forty different authors over 1500 years with a four hundred year gap between the old and new testaments yet it tells one story---redemption. the redemption of mankind. it's a beautiful thing. the Lord Jesus is mighty to save and it is in His Name that i found life (that's where the name came from for the blog). i am seeking to know the God who is and to live a life that undeniably points to Him.

so i guess that is me in a nut shell. goodnight blog to catch some sleep for work tomorrow.